Home Instruction for the Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

The Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Program (HIPPY) is a home-visiting, early intervention program for families with children aged three to five years of age. HIPPY offers free home-based early childhood education working with their parent(s) as their first teacher. The parent is provided with a set of developmentally appropriate materials, curriculum and books designed to strengthen their children’s cognitive skills, early literacy skills, social / emotional and physical development.

How HIPPY Helps Parents

  • HIPPY begins with the basic tenet that all parents want the very best for their children, but might need support and help in developing their children’s potential.
  • HIPPY gives parents the tools, skills and confidence they need to be the primary educators of their children.
  • HIPPY teaches parents how to engage their children in educational activities.
  • HIPPY delivers services through home visits by trained peers from the community.
  • HIPPY provides additional learning experiences through group meeting activities and special events.

How HIPPY Helps Children
  • HIPPY is primarily cognitive-based focusing on language development, problem solving, logical thinking and perceptual skills.
  • HIPPY’s curriculum covers the skills necessary to acquire reading and other literacy skills.
  • HIPPY’s curriculum is developmentally appropriate and builds on the child’s interests and maturing skills.
  • HIPPY offers skill development through a variety of approaches.
  • HIPPY fosters social-emotional and physical development in children.
HIPPY helps parents to engage their children in daily learning activities that promote literacy and school readiness. Serving 160 children and 125 families, trained Parent Educators conduct 30 week sessions for a maximum of three years to enable the children to enter school ready to learn with the ability and confidence to succeed.
For more information about HIPPY please call 702-631-7130 or visit www.hippyusa.org